Make the correct decision

We always evaluate the client's situation on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the matter, a thorough understanding, identifying and assessing the risks and providing a financial estimate.

Behind every success story are the right decisions. We want to stand by you
and help you make them.

Choosing us will be a bold step in your professional life, but definitely the right one.
To date, we have been involved in many of our client’s successful decisions.

Our company vision
Law Firm

To push the boundaries of legal service beyond the commercial level in order to better understand the client´s situation and make the right decision together.

Keeping up with changes

The legal environment is evolving rapidly and
we are intensely watching this development.
We want you to have up-to-date information when achieving your business goals.

Our perceptive ability is also influenced by the work environment, so we are constantly nurturing and improving it and making sure that we feel good and creative together.

2007We became lawyers
2009We established the company LawService, s.r.o.
2010Our workforce increased to more than 10 people
2012We moved to our own building from where we still operate
2013Our workforce increased to more than 30 people
2014We established the company LawService Recovery, k. s.
2018Our revenues exceeded €1.5 mil.
2020We became the largest regional law firm outside Bratislava according to The Slovak Spectator
2021We became the largest local law firm according to The Slovak Spectator
2021Awarded by portal
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